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Kirken - a kids’ sweater with a round yoke

Nikolaj kirke (Nikolaj Church) – which hasn’t functioned as a church since 1805, but has been a vibrant art gallery instead – is crowned with one of the iconic spires of Copenhagen. The design of the spire is a perfect inspiration for playing with the many different textures you can create in knitting, to represent the many cornices, windows and ornamentations. Naturally, the colour of the design had to be Verdigris green.
Nikolaj Church is the inspiration for both the “Kirken” sweater and the “Nikolaj” hat.adidas

2 years/92 cl (4 years/104 cl) 6 years/116 cl (8 years/128 cl) 10 years/140 cl (12 years/152 cl)
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2020, August